Natwest Packaged Bank Account


Have I Been Mis-sold a Natwest Packaged Bank Account?

NatWest is a member of the Royal Bank of Scotland Group, which is currently the third largest bank in the UK. NatWest offers a wide variety of accounts including a selection fee paying accounts that come with added benefits. These are known as packaged bank accounts.

NatWest’s packaged accounts, past and present, typically come with benefits such as mobile phone and gadget insurance, travel insurance, and breakdown cover. Some of the accounts come with worldwide airport lounge access. NatWest packaged accounts include:

NATWEST BANK – Packaged Bank Account brand names
  • Advantage Gold
  • Blue Account
  • Black Account
  • Select Platinum
  • Select Silver

  • Monthly account fees range from £10 to £24. However, some people have signed up to these accounts without knowing that there is a fee, or without actually qualifying for the insurance policies.

    If you’re paying a fee for your NatWest account – check your statements – it may be a packaged bank account. There may be various which these bank accounts could have been mis-sold.

    At Packaged Bank Account Claims, we operate on a no-win-no-fee basis. So if you’re in any doubt about your packaged account from NatWest, give us a call today or fill in our inquiry form.

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